About us

Nostalgia trip. In 2013 five friends decided to start making music in the same vein as the music they grew up with. Inspired by bands like Mew, Paramore, Further Seems Forever and Matchbook Romance, it’s not hard to see that KitFai might wish they had started playing as early as in 2004.

You might think that’s a negative thing? On the contrary! Studies show that the warm, nostalgic sensation you get when reminiscing about happy moments in the past gives you a stronger and more positive emotion than the feelings you had when it actually happened. If the album you listened to at seventeen changed your life, all you need to do is listen to KitFai, and you might save some bucks on therapy and stimulants.

KitFai has released the EP “Grip” that received great reviews and was frequently played on the national radio show “Urørt” on NRK P3. Their singles “Down” and “In Every Way” have also been given plenty of airtime, and the former was also used in the NRK TV series “Unge Lovende”.

On stage, KitFai feels at home. Playing live has been their main focus from day one, and they have played all over Norway, including festivals like Pstereo, Slottsfjell, OverOslo, Skjærvafest and by:Larm.

The band members are known from bands like Leprous, Shevils, Over the Trees and Psyence Fiction.

KitFai released their debut album “The Things You Left Us” in September, 2018.

Their second album “Ways of Letting Go” will be released march 28th 2022